Archival Data Analysis

A protocol for Archival Data Analysis was the second network protocol approved by the PROMIS Steering Committee (SC). The protocol specified an IRT-based statistical analysis plan developed with extensive input from a team of 20 co investigators and consultants.

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Drawing from data collected before PROMIS was initiated, these archival analysis reports represent preliminary evaluation of existing items designed to measure the five PROMIS core domains (physical functioning, fatigue, pain, emotional distress, and social role participation) by the statistical coordinating center (SCC).

  • The SCC identified and reviewed large datasets that included patient-reported outcomes and selected 15 for initial analysis. Working groups identified items representing the PROMIS domains.
  • Items were then subjected to IRT analyses by PROMIS psychometricians.
  • All results were reviewed collectively by the SCC analysis team and summaries were presented to the appropriate domain working group.

Our primary goal was to use these archival data to better understand the dimensional structure of items that tap one of the five selected domains. Secondarily, we aimed to inform the revision of items in the item library, inform the identification of the most useful response sets, and guide new item construction in preparation for the first wave of PROMIS testing. These posted reports summarize the contribution of archival data to the production of PROMIS items for network testing.

Analysis Summary Reports (click on the title to view)

Publications Reporting on Archival Data Analyses

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