PROMIS Network Center

Grant Number: 1U54AR057926-01
Project Title: NIH PROMIS Network Center
PI Name, Title and Contact Information: San Keller, Principal Research Scientist, Health Services Research Division, American Institutes for Research (AIR). Bio pdf icon
Other Key Personnel: Susan Heil, PhD, Co-Investigator
Steve Garfinkel, PhD, Co-Investigator
Julie Jacobson Vann, PhD, MS, RN, Co-Investigator. Bio pdf icon
Michael Riggs, PhD, Co-Investigator.
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The PROMIS Network Center (PNC) facilitates the seamless functioning of the entire PROMIS Network; provides scientific expertise to address further research and development of PROMIS item banks, software, and user support; and establishes public/private partnerships that will sustain PROMIS after 2013. To accomplish these objectives the PNC focuses on three, corresponding, functional cores: Managerial, Scientific, and Sustainability.


The goals of the PNC are specific to each core. The PNC’s Managerial Core function is driven by the primary objective of facilitating the Network’s ability to implement and realize the SPRA and support the various Network entities in accomplishing their pursuits related to this ultimate end. It is through fulfillment of the SPRA that the PNC will ultimately carry out the plans and vision of the Steering Committee for advancing PROMIS. Aims of the Managerial Core define its provision of effective Network support. The goal of the PNC Scientific Core is to serve as a scientific resource for both the PNC and the PROMIS Network as a whole. The PNC Sustainability Core has a critical and uniquely important function within the PROMIS Network and for the entire PROMIS initiative: the role of creating viability for the PROMIS enterprise after the current funding structure ends.

PNC Managerial Core

AIM 1: Effect Transition to PROMIS II: Transition the PROMIS Network to promote a "learning collaborative" among former, continuing, and new grantees.

AIM 2: Develop SPRA: Direct the development and periodic updating of the SPRA as a dynamic guiding document for all Network efforts and the source for the "logic model" underlying the PROMIS Network evaluation activities.

AIM 3: Support PROMIS II Network Operations: Coordinate internal functions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in fulfilling the SPRA.

AIM 4: Evaluate Network: Evaluate progress of the Network’s fulfillment of the SPRA, and recommend changes where needed.

AIM 5: Manage Meetings: Utilize state-of-the-art communication and conference technology to enhance information sharing and to foster collegial relations among the grantee sites, PNC, PSC, PTC, PNSC, and extra-Network stakeholders to advance the science of patient-centered measurement.

PNC Scientific Core

AIM 6: Design/Contribute to the Research Agenda: Provide expertise in measurement development and clinical study design to create and periodically update the Research Agenda portion of the draft SPRA and contribute state-of-the science research to the development of PROs.

AIM 7: Clinical Data monitoring and Analysis: Participate in Network-wide data monitoring and provide Network-wide leadership design and analysis of data from clinical studies.

AIM 8: Design Scientific Protocols: Design and evaluate a minimal set of standard procedures for the development and testing of assessment systems produced for PROMIS, create and test guidelines for the appropriate application of PROs and PRO data, and establish standard procedures for implementing and managing collaborations between extra-Network entities and the PROMIS Network.

PNC Sustainability Core

AIM 9: Develop Public/Private Partnerships: Apply experience in forming productive partnerships between branches of Government and industry to achieve a business plan to support PROMIS product maintenance, dissemination, and further development.

AIM 10: Public Dissemination/Communication: Develop dissemination and communication plans that are effective in reaching and engaging intended audiences for PROs.

For questions concerning the PNC’s role in the PROMIS network, please contact San Keller by email at For more information about the PROMIS network, go to